What we do

Independence Associates promotes the right of people with disabilities to live independently in the community.

  • Who we are: The team at Independence Associates pride ourselves on giving you the consumer the power to make choices because it is your voice that matters.
  • Who we serve: If you are a person living with a disability, seen or unseen, we want to help you. Disability does not discriminate.

How to get started

The process starts with a basic set of questions to help us better understand you as the consumer and what you may need. It is not a matter if we can help you, but rather how we can help you. You, the consumer, have a wide range of needs and we are here to assist you in any way we can. Please contact us by filling out the referral & information request form.

Referral & Information Request Form

Our services & programs

Options Counseling

Options Counselors can present you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your care and where you receive it.  Learn more about Options Counseling.

Peer Counseling

Support can come in a variety of ways, sharing personal experiences and understanding with another on an interpersonal level is an integral part of a good working relationship. We are committed to facilitating personal growth. Our staff hear you, and we’re here to help you. Learn more about Peer Counseling.

Independent Living Skills

As a person living with a disability, no one knows your needs better than you. Independent living skills help you live and remain in your community independently. Learn more about Independent Living Skills.


Transition is a natural part of life that comes in many varieties. We a understand that with transition comes change. Our staff are committed to assisting you in embracing and evolving with these changes. Learn more about Transition.

Personal Care Management

The personal care attendant program funded by MassHealth provides the framework for physical assistance needed in your home to live independently. Learn more about Personal Care Management.

Youth Programs & Services

including programs such as Transition to Adulthood and Transitional Internship.  Learn more about our Youth Programs & Services


Advocacy is where your voice as the consumer gets put into action. We promote self advocacy and meet with leaders in the community to educate the needs of people with disabilities living independently. Learn more about Advocacy.

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