Advocacy is where your voice as the consumer gets put into action. There are two different types of advocacy,  Self Advocacy and Community/Systems Advocacy. We promote self advocacy and meet with leaders in the community to educate the needs of people with disabilities living independently.

  • Self Advocacy┬áinvolves educating and empowering a person to obtain goals identified in their personal independent living plan for themselves. Issues could include overcoming the barriers. As consumers you know your needs and concerns better than anyone. We at Independence Associates understand that letting your voice be heard can be overwhelming and intimidating for some that being said, the team at Independence Associates is here to support and assist you when you feel that is necessary to properly obtain the services and assuring your rights in the community.
  • Community and Systems Advocacy is where we strengthen and develop relationships and partnerships with community schools and businesses and members of the community to eliminate barriers and build a bridge towards Independence and Acceptance.